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Marmon & Berkshire Hathaway

“Marmon is our kind of company.”

Warren Buffett
Chairman & CEO, Berkshire Hathaway Inc

Anderson Fittings is part of Marmon, a diversified global company with operating divisions in manufacturing and services.  Marmon is comprised of a number of stand-alone business sectors, all independently operated. Anderson Fittings falls under Plumbing and Refrigeration which is segmented into its own specialized business units.

By establishing focused business units, each operating from a dedicated factory, Anderson Fittings has achieved improved efficiencies and faster development of products for unique and niche applications.

Marmon is comprised of:

  • More than 150 autonomous business units
  • Approximately 300 manufacturing, distribution and service facilities
  • More than 17,000 employees
  • Founded in 1953 by brothers Jay and Robert Pritzker
  • Berkshire Hathaway, the American multinational conglomerate holding company, acquired majority interest in Marmon in 2008

Law of the Vital Few: 80/20

A comprehensive, continual thinking process that includes the following key elements:

  • Decentralized management of homogeneous, segmented businesses
  • Focus on niche markets/products with profitable growth potential
  • Innovative products/services that provide practical solutions to meet customer need and create Marmon’s differentiation “moat”
  • Continuous improvement in operating efficiency and productivity
  • Selective “bolt-on” acquisitions to enhance strategic direction

Our 80/20 Business Model drives the structure and culture of our business. Marmon’s unique approach has become our own: an intense focus on highly specific niche markets and products; and a clear preference for homogeneous business units, where streamlined operations decrease complexity and increase responsiveness.

Being a part of Marmon has allowed us to quickly respond to customer needs, investing in technologies and machinery to develop innovative new market applications for our OEMs and specialty product providers.

Learn more about the Anderson Fittings business units and their capabilities.

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