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High-Speed Forging

Forged-FittingsOur High-Speed Forging Division in Brave, Pennsylvania is committed to producing components to the highest quality specifications. Forging offers a wide range of outstanding benefits over other manufacturing processes such as machining from bar stock or casting. Our high-speed forging process goes beyond conventional forging with incredibly fast production rates. The final result is a stronger part, with less waste and lower cost.

Key benefits to high-speed forging include:

  • Redefines the grain structure creating a stronger part
  • Less distortion during heat treatment
  • Material cost reduction by producing parts with near-net shape; less material waste
  • Better control over outside dimensions and surface finish when compared to castings
  • Complex and sophisticated designs can be realized through forging
  • Elimination of porosity
  • Lower tooling cost when compared to casting

At our High-Speed Forging Division, we produce an array of forged brass components from rod stock to near-net product in less than half a second per part. Many machined small brass parts are good candidates for the high-speed forging process.

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