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How We’re Different

How well we are serving our OEMs and specialty product provider partners is a constant gauge for Anderson Fittings. We believe we are unique among a wide range of domestic and off-shore component providers. Here’s how we’re different:

  • Willing and financially able to make strategic capital investments to evolve our manufacturing capabilities to serve new or emerging markets.
  • Employ and grow an A-Team of Engineering and application Sales experts whose ability to innovate is woven into their product development approach.
  • Purchase, build and maintain a technical capacity for high-volume, high-quality parts production to consistently deploy flexible, repeatable manufacturing strategies.
  • Actively support creative problem-solving for inventory reduction, materials cost savings, and minimal lead times.

Whether you have an existing design or are seeking collaboration on a concept, our methodologies promise an efficient product development process, best-in-class manufacturing, and an end result of high-performing alloy parts.

Anderson Fittings knows how to fix a problem, even if it isn’t their problem to fix.  Their technical knowledge and rapid response to unprecedented failures in our field, caused by lesser performing suppliers, helped us lead the way to a solution which gained us prominence within our industry.  This was a game changer for us.  We secured a greater market share – and more profit.  We’ve been partners ever since.

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