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Pex_22386031Plumbing – Commercial & Residential

Anderson Fittings participates in emerging markets and partners with the best.  Specialty machined brass fittings are provided to the PEX industry which includes plumbing, radiant heating and fire suppression.




propane_6023370Gas & Compressed Gas

Anderson Fittings provides a number of machined and high speed forged components to the Compressed gas industry.  From nuts to valves, Brass is the preferred material and Anderson has more than 50 years experience.




truck_788684Heavy Trucking

Anderson Fittings supports over the Road Applications through innovation and manufacturing of components used in automatic tire inflation and airbrake assemblies. Innovative machining, assembly and additional value added services offer critical advantage in a competitive market.




HVAC_10299756HVAC & Refrigeration

High Speed Forging of Brass components brings economies of scale to commercial and residential  HVAC and compressor assemblies.  Forged brass components offer the further benefit of high reliability in pressurized applications.  High speed forging is applicable beyond brass nuts and fittings to include directional fittings as well.




Working together with leading appliance manufacturers, Anderson Fittings manufactures critical components in new residential and commercial clothes dryer steam application.  Brass nozzles and housings are extremely reliable and offer long life and performance.



ice_3920029Beverage & Food

Knowledge of connection technology and material advantage, allowed Anderson Fittings to help  improve the assembly techniques used in one customers commercial ice machine manufacturing process.  Streamlining production and reducing material cost improved the bottom line.

Anderson Fittings was able to help us accelerate new market application growth and considerably reduce time to market.

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