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PEX Tubing

We believe these application examples best describe why we do what we do. We aim to be that multiplier of competencies for our customers, bringing alloy development far beyond the capabilities of other parts suppliers.



Market Application

Flexible, durable cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing and brass fittings


Industry needed a fast remedy for competitor-provided parts failing in the field.

Other Key Pex Events

  • 2005: Developed proprietary passivation process NSF Qualification of passivation process.
  • 2006: California AB1953 enacted Introduction of ECO BRASS® PbF Alloy.
  • 2007: “Red Brass” C314 production begins only 4 weeks after the first purchase order because we were already set up to handle different alloys. Introduced Anderson F1807 product line.
  • 2009: Developed and implemented forge process for F1807 shapes.
  • 2012: Began production of copper stub-outs for PEX tubing market leader.


  • Developed new passivation process that quickly, safely and permanently removed lead, the source of the problem.
  • Quickly collaborated with raw materials suppliers to develop a new alloy to provide short-term (Red Brass 314) and long-term (C693) solutions to the industry.


  • Our customers began retrofitting faster than their competitors, securing a greater market share and realizing more profit.
  • Solving end-user problems with fast, smart innovations added to the perception of our customers being a hero in the eyes of their customers.

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Anderson Fittings was able to help us accelerate new market application growth and considerably reduce time to market.

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