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Product Development & Innovation

We understand the most important aspect of developing a new part is collaborating with the right team to quickly and efficiently begin production. Our cross-functional team of sales and engineering experts gets you on the right track – fast. We have the flexibility to customize the development path in order to achieve speed to market objectives.

Fast-Paced Parallel Processing

product_developmentNew-product managers face a dilemma. On one hand, they are urged to compress the cycle time from idea to launch to increase speed to market – to make those projected sales goals! On the other hand, they need to cut down the failure rate. The desire to “do it right” can mean a more thorough, and ultimately, a lengthier process. Therein lies the dilemma – how to handle two divergent needs?

With parallel processing, development activities are undertaken concurrently rather than in a series. The effort is far more intense with often three or four activities done simultaneously and by different members on the project team. Think of a rugby team versus a relay race team. The rugby team charges the field together, vigorously interacting with each other all the way – a lot happens fast! This starkly contrasts a relay race team, “handing off” the baton, waiting for the person behind them before they can begin their sprint.

We believe achieving this goal creates a true cross-functional approach to getting it done right, in the time it needs to be done.

Strong Market Focus with Voice-of-Customer (VoC) Built In

A lack of customer inputs and inadequate market assessment are often cited as reasons for new product failure. We believe market inputs must play a decisive role from beginning to end of the project. These include: customer-based idea generation, preliminary market assessments, competitive analysis, concept testing and user tests. Our Voice-of-Customer initiatives provide:

  • A detailed understanding of the customer’s requirements
  • A common language for the team going forward
  • Key input for the setting of appropriate design specifications for the new product
  • A highly useful springboard for product innovation

We believe this is time well spent. Our experience has shown tuning in to the Voice-of-Customer leads to exciting, new product innovations.

Products with Competitive Advantage – Bold Innovations

We strive to give you, and your customers, differentiated products, with unique benefits and unmatched value. When we achieve this goal we know our quest for product advantage was well-traveled. Here are some of the ways we try to do this:

  • Focus on product superiority
  • Optimize material usage and manufacturing processes
  • Minimize modes of failure
  • Develop and deliver a compelling value proposition for the customer

As we gain experience in supporting and creating market leaders, we find more proof our process for Product Development & Innovation is one rooted in the best technologies and our trusted American ingenuity.

Anderson Fittings knows how to fix a problem, even if it isn’t their problem to fix.  Their technical knowledge and rapid response to unprecedented failures in our field, caused by lesser performing suppliers, helped us lead the way to a solution which gained us prominence within our industry.  This was a game changer for us.  We secured a greater market share – and more profit.  We’ve been partners ever since.

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