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Plumbing – Commercial & Residential

A considerable portion of our business is providing high-quality components and fittings to the plumbing industry. We work with PEX industry leaders to develop and innovate components providing builders and installers labor-saving, cost-saving alternatives. Our PEX fittings are designed to conform to ASTM F1807 and CSA B137.5 standards and are NSF 14 and 61 listed. We use alloys that provide superior non-corrosive properties such as ECO-Brass®, and lead-free brass which ensures excellent product performance.


Eco Brass Shield™, Eco Brass®, logos are trademarks of Chase Brass and Company, LLC, used with permission and Eco Brass® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Shindoh.


Gas & Compressed Gas

Safety, spark resistance and guarding against leakage are primary concerns for this industry. Given these important requirements, brass is the preferred material for producing components for this market. We manufacture fittings for flexible gas applications as our corrosion-resistant brass fittings can help minimize risks. These parts can be precision machined or high-speed forged and are manufactured under stringent process controls, providing the utmost in product consistency, quality and value. Our design capabilities help reduce raw material costs and improve productivity in the machining cycle.


Fire Suppression

The International Code Council (ICC), the leading building code body in the United States, advanced home fire safety with the passing of the Residential Fire Sprinkler Code, which was effective January 1, 2011. The code requires that sprinkler systems be installed in all single- and two-family homes and townhomes. Builders familiar with the cost-effective, high-performing PEX tubing used to plumb homes are now using this same product to feed new multi-purpose fire sprinkler systems. As the leader in serving the PEX market prior to this industry shift, we are now producing the brass components for this growing sector.


Heavy Trucking

Brass fittings are widely used in airbrake, automatic tire inflation, air suspension, engine braking and many cab, chassis and trailer applications. These brass fittings have advantages over composite fittings including: durability, secure sealing under high vibration conditions and resistance to over torqueing. We develop, manufacture and assemble these components to fit various port styles and ensure all DOT standards and requirements are met.



We have become a trusted supplier of high-precision machined and forged brass and alloy components for this market. We incorporate proprietary technologies to produce a variety of threaded nuts, forged items and specialty turned products used on compressors, ice makers and various other refrigeration assemblies. We ensure compatibility with the newest refrigerants and oils, delivering optimum operation over a wide range of temperatures.



Anderson Fittings provides an array of brass and copper components and fittings to the commercial appliance market. Our unique high-speed forging process, high-precision machining capabilities and use of custom alloys are just a few ways we aim to serve this industry.


Beverage & Food

Designed for use in coffee brewing equipment, dispensing and vending machine applications, these fittings are manufactured in lead-free brass and can be assembled with a collet and food grade ‘O’ ring. All beverage dispensing products are produced in FDA compliant materials, making them especially suitable for potable liquids.


Emerging and Undeveloped Markets

We are comfortable developing components and fittings for any of these markets. Just as important, our capabilities and resources have positioned us to develop within new or untested markets as well. We encourage OEMs and specialty product providers to bring us designs or concepts that need a novel or competitive solution. Think of Anderson Fittings as a viable partner to help you gain faster access and acceptance in your target market.

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Anderson Fittings was able to help us accelerate new market application growth and considerably reduce time to market.

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