Always a part of something bigger

We work for OEMs and specialty product providers in need of a team of strategic component developers to manufacture custom brass and copper alloy fittings. In this capacity, we have a growing history of creating market leaders. We begin each project with a single-vision of producing components intended to accelerate growth for that product line, which we’ve seen result in a competitive edge for our customers.

Our process happens in an environment that is focused, segmented and entrepreneurial by design. We believe this creates the best conditions for the sparks of innovation to ignite. We follow The Law of The Vital Few, or 80/20, concentrating on not just working smart, but working smart on the right things. The “right” things being: understanding our partners’ markets and their key customers, disrupting their competitors with new market applications, and, most importantly, the building and nurturing of a relationship entrusted to us by our customers.

We’re in the business providing the most important market differentiator there is for our OEMs and specialty product providers:  strategic advantage

Our AF team was top-notch.  They accurately estimated the capital investments needed for our project and within six months we were shipping product.  We’ve had zero returns to date and now produce a product that performs better for our customers.  Even better, we now have shortened lead times and a reliable domestic supplier.  It’s easy to see why they’ve become our most valued strategic supplier.

VP Operations Specialty Products Provider

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