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Copper Stub-Outs

PEX_Tubing12094437MediumWe believe these application examples best describe why we do what we do. We aim to be that multiplier of competencies for our customers, bringing alloy development far beyond the capabilities of other parts suppliers.


OEM Customer

Market Application

Copper Stub-Outs for New Building Construction – Residential & Commercial


Existing customer looking to counter off-shore and quality issues for a component not previously manufactured by AF.


  • Developed new process to manufacture the pre-assembled part.
  • Reviewed failure complaints from end-users to design out issues.


  • Partnering with a local, domestic supplier considerably reduced carrying costs.
  • Lead times reduced nearly 50%.
  • Cost savings of more than 10%.
  • Customer achieved ROI within six months.

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Anderson Fittings was able to help us accelerate new market application growth and considerably reduce time to market.

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