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Fire Suppression Sprinkler Heads

Fire_14036399MediumWe believe these application examples best describe why we do what we do. We aim to be that multiplier of competencies for our customers, bringing alloy development far beyond the capabilities of other parts suppliers.


Fire Suppression

Market Application

Overhead sprinkler systems


Prospective customer seeking a new supplier to perform to very high specifications.


  • Went beyond the expected and suggested adjusting the alloy composition.
  • Researched customer ordering patterns to ensure effective use of working capital.


  • Lowered Days-to-Ship by 23% due to reduced set-up costs.
  • Provided creative inventory reduction solution that increased customer inventory turns by 42%.
  • Customer gained a new, reliable supplier able to provide customized, innovative solutions.

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Anderson Fittings was able to help us accelerate new market application growth and considerably reduce time to market.

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